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We provide VPN service to individuals and enterprise customers since almost 6 year ago, with rich experience and well understanding what our customers need, we focus on building very high quality VPN services and networks for our valued clients all over the world.

Free Hotspot VPN service is the free version of our commercial premium hotspot protection product lines, with certain limitation, the Free VPN service shares the same network infrastructure and same QoS management system to guarantee the same high level of VPN connection with superior low packet loss ratio and minimum network jitters. We believe the Free service will only help us to bring more potential customers to our commercial residential and enterprise VPN service plans.

If you are extremely satisfied with our free service, and want to jump into our paid VPN plan for 24x7x365 non-stop VPN service providing carrier grade reliability connection, feel free to contact us please at, you will get life time minimum 20% discount for all of our offers.

Thanks being our valued customers and wish you are very secure, safe and smooth internet surfing experience.