Mobile VPN

Setup Free PPTP VPN in Google Android Smartphones and Tablets

  1. From Andord smartphones, tablets, or set tp boxes, switch back to Home screen;
  2. Touch “Settings” icon, touch More… – VPN text bar;
  3. Touch “+” button to add a new VPN profile, and fill the VPN fields as below:

    Set “Name” as “FreeHotSpotVPN.COM”;
    Set “Type” as PPTP;
    Set “Server address” as US.FreeHotSpotVPN.COM;
    Checked “PPP encryption (MPPE)” option;

  4. Touch “Save” button to save the VPN connection;
  5. Touch “FreeHotSpotVPN.COM” text bar to connect the VPN, Android will prompt the username/password information;
  6. Enter “freehotspotvpn” as the VPN username, and enter the password found from our website as the VPN password;
  7. Touch “Connect” button to start the VPN connection, wait until VPN is connected.

Setup Free PPTP VPN in Apple iPhone, iPod touch and iPad devices

  1. From iPhone, iPod touch or iPad, Press iPhone, iPod touch or iPad’s Home button;
  2. Touch “Settings” icon, select VPN – Add VPN Configuration …
  3. Select ‘PPTP’, adding fields as:

    Description: FreeHotSpotVPN.COM
    Server: US.FreeHotSpotVPN.COM
    Account: freehotspotvpn
    RSA SecurID: OFF
    Password: enter VPN password found from website
    Encryption level: Auto
    Send All traffic: ON

  4. Touch ‘save’ button to save the VPN configuration;
  5. Slide the VPN status button from OFF to ON position, wait until VPN connected.